bunn (bunn) wrote,

.. But it's raining out there!

So far today, brave bony Az is the only dog that I've managed to get to actually leave the house. It is raining.  It is glum. I have not yet managed to take even a few photos of Rosie Roo outdoors, the light is so terrible!
But it's RAINING!

Az has been dried off with a towel and has gone back to sleep now.  He is dreaming his morning walk, his wobbly old legs trotting away as he snoozes on his fleecy bed.

Ancient Footie cat is out there enjoying the raindrops and His Hegnificence Henning I has at least popped out to inspect his realm, possibly do a bit of regal waving at the populace, that sort of thing -  but Yama is one with the saluki-type things and refuses to consider going out.  But I think he is starting to be rumbustious, so I may have to sling him out the front and make him run around the house to get back to the cat door. 
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