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Bungle = little monster

Fed the cats yesterday on one of the cheaper varieties of the many catfoods bought to tempt their tiny palates.   As expected, Henning and Footie ate up their food like good cats, while Yama Bungle strode around shouting that the food was ICK POO and demanding liver.

So this morning I gathered up the remaining food, fed the cats something different (also deemed to be ICK POO, in case you were wondering) and gave the old food to Az, who considers slightly aged cat food at an ambient temperature to be something of a breakfast delicacy.    Az ate about enough for an elderly cat of sedentary habits, which would be fine if he were in fact a cat, but since he's about the size of four largish cats, is not ideal.   Still, at least he ate.

Then Yama grabbed the bowl and ate the rest of it with gobbling enthusiasm.   Odd little monster.

The skies are the colour of rain, and I am tired today.  Must get act together.  Got up this morning, then found that having knelt down to say hello to Az, I had somehow managed to flop over and go back to sleep next to him on the rug. 



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16th Dec, 2013 13:17 (UTC)
Oh dear, I thought it was only the Boy who fell asleep in random positions, hope you get some good rest soon!

Odd little monster indeed, at least it got eaten eventually though :)
16th Dec, 2013 14:53 (UTC)
I don't generally fall asleep in random positions, so I was a bit surprised to find myself waking up curled around a dog on the rug! Roll on the solstice, at least then it will feel like things are on the up again.
(Deleted comment)
16th Dec, 2013 14:59 (UTC)
Oooh, I dunno. There might be tiny angry explosions if they ever met!

I think the fat content of cat food probably depends on the meat source (lamb-based food likely to be fattier than chicken, etc). I suppose it might be a problem for chubby dogs, but Az is very skinny now he is so old, so basically if he eats anything, particularly something fattening, I'm counting it a win!

I think it's more likely to be a problem the other way round, really - cats are obligate carnivores and require taurine (from raw meat) in their diet, whereas dogs are omnivores and can usually tolerate a wider range of foods. Cat food usually has added taurine. I do try to discourage the cats from eating dogfood, although of course they think it is wonderful and would rather have it than their boring healthy food. :-D
(Deleted comment)
16th Dec, 2013 15:04 (UTC)
I think the most likely unfortunate consequence would be a slight attack of the runs, but most of my dogs and fosters seem to enjoy a bit of cat food, so I tend to let them clear out the bowls if they want to.

Your housemate's motivation could be that cat food is usually a bit pricy compared to dogfood?!
16th Dec, 2013 16:58 (UTC)
Yeah, me too. I'm having trouble in the mornings resisting the waves of cosiness given off by Max when he's curled up in his lovely comfy bed, but so far I've managed not to join him...
17th Dec, 2013 19:17 (UTC)
I didn't intend to join him, that's the worst thing - I just woke up some time later - curled up on the rug!

(Az does have several beds, but for some reason he likes to spend the night on that rug at the moment.)
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