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Horror and Hivers on the Orient Express

Horror and Hivers on the Orient Express


Here is the poster of the roleplaying campaign conducted earlier this month!

In the end, there was only one hiver (played by me!) but I don't honestly see how I could have known this for sure at the time when I designed the poster. And the entire campaign came about as a result of Hivers doing manipulative Hiver things, so on a wider level the title works.

Unfortunately the paper has warped a little - I need to put it under something heavy to make it flat, but at the moment, Duncan, bottom left, is slightly distorted.

Just to the left of the train is Mahmoud, with his Oud. After going through practically the whole campaign with us from the time when we met him in Alternative 1930's Cairo, poor Mahmoud was horrifically killed just at the end, which was rather sad. You'll notice that Mahmoud is wearing a fez. Googling Egypt in the 1930s, I discovered a truly impressive range of fezes, which have entirely won my heart, although I don't think a modern person could possibly carry them off with such elan.


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2nd Dec, 2013 14:09 (UTC)
I'm not sure I'd trust any of us, to be honest. Larg looks particularly shifty, but you're clearly manipulating the lot of us behind that benign, white-haired exterior. Although I just look a bit worried, and with very good cause. My poor eye!

And poor Mahmoud! Only a truly EVIL GM would have turned a deaf ear to all our pleas. We came up with several very plausible ways for him to be saved, IIRC, and all were refused. Poor Mahmoud! Maybe he can be reincarnated in Essos, and we can meet him there, playing the oud as he journeys through the multidimensions, alongside Cayn.
2nd Dec, 2013 18:42 (UTC)
I feel bad for Mahmoud. We kind of took our eye off the ball, leaving him to guard the loot like that.

The eyepatch is a bit of a spoiler, I suppose, but the chance to paint someone wearing a diamante eye-patch was just too great!
2nd Dec, 2013 22:45 (UTC)
"Only a truly EVIL GM would have turned a deaf ear to all our pleas."

Only a truly EVIL player would complain about the absence of horror in 'Horror on the Orient Express'. Only a naive one, would make this complaint halfway through the campaign...
15th Dec, 2013 22:16 (UTC)
Fezes are cool :-)
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