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Metric pumpkin seed pesto recipe

It's annoying when you make something once and it was really nice, and then you make it again and didn't quite work so well, due to not remembering quite what you did and all the recipes being in cups, which I find confusing. So I've made this three times now, and I think this is now about right.  I've edited my original post, because the first time I didn't get the quantities right and I liquidised the ingredients in the wrong order.

Pumpkin seeds are much cheaper than pine nuts, and seem to be OK for people with nut allergies too.

100g pumpkin seeds
100ml olive oil
75g parmesan
4 cloves garlic
juice of 1 lemon
About 15 stems of basil

Roast the pumpkin seeds in a pan, stirring occasionally until they pop and go brown around the edges.
Grate the parmesan
Put the basil into the liquidiser. Put everything else in on top of the basil.
Turn it on quite briefly until you have a sort of lumpy paste (The second time I made this, I put the pumpkin seeds at the bottom, so they got ground too small by the time the basil had hit the blades. Putting the basil in first and the seeds last should prevent this).

And now I really can say: Hey Pesto!
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