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Blue skies and hard frosts. In the valleys, yellow leaves still clinging to the trees: on the hilltops bare trees making sharp shapes against the sky.

I did some gardening today!  Go me!  Admittedly it was just chopping overgrown bushes, but that still counts!  I am hoping to be able to do some hedge-laying soon - no point tackling it until the leaves are off the trees.

It's weather to have the fire on.  Some members of the household consider the best way to enjoy the fire is to make a huge pile of toys, so that all the toys can enjoy the warmth too.


 Footie  cat and I consider that it makes more sense to sit on the sofa.  I'm trying to persuade Footie that he should stick to resting his head on my shoulder, and restrain himself from eating my ear.   It *starts* with nibbling, but he gets carried away!

I bought Brythen a new coat, to replace Mollydog's old one that is a bit small for him.  He does feel the cold, being pretty much bald underneath with gigantic cooling ears.  New coat is very warm and cosy, but possibly a tad over-enveloping. At the moment he has a slightly comical tendency to tiptoe along wearing it like a Victorian lady in a crinoline, although I'm sure he'll get used to it.  I think it may keep for particularly chilly days.

Az has a rather more traditional coat which hides how thin he has got now.  But he did eat some liver, a tin of cat food and three sausages today!
Az in a coat on a hilltop
Tags: dogs, weather, winter

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