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Sleepy Hollow

I am continuing to enjoy watching Sleepy Hollow, to the point where I actually went through the pain* of watching online the two episodes that I'd missed, from the US (well, I could have watched them on UK tv.  I had the right licenses and so on.  I just happened to miss them. So I don't feel that briefly concealing my IP address (via Tunnelbear) to view them from the States was really very naughty).

It's a very ridiculous series.  The premise is that the apocalypse is coming, the Four Horsemen are on their way, and for some reason this is causing a series of mysterious events in a small American town, which must be investigated by a rookie cop (short, female, black, wisecracking, named Abbie) and Ichabod Crane (tall, white, sarcastic), who in this telling is an English turncoat/spy from the US Revolution who has slept for 230 years, but has none the less awoken full of investigatory zeal, pausing not even to change his pants before flinging himself back into the action.

Most of the details make no sense, but there's more than enough good lines, pretty faces and panache to cover these up as long as you don't look too hard at the joins or the history and hum loudly when scepticism threatens to break the illusion.

At the moment I am very pleased that Ichabod Crane has been confirmed as being somehow an Oxford History faculty member at Merton, despite being 230ish years out of time.  I mean, OK probably Merton would notice, *really* if they got a call about one of their dons from a previous century who had never officially been removed from the list -  but wouldn't it be great if they didn't?  Although I vaguely have the impression that Merton might be too efficient and not mysterious enough for that sort of thing.  All Souls might be a better fit.

*if you don't find watching long video content online painful, this may be because you don't live in a small Cornish village connected to the outside world by a shonky strand of copper installed around 1938.



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12th Nov, 2013 19:29 (UTC)
The History Faculty only came into existence in the late nineteenth century, to add a further complication....
12th Nov, 2013 19:32 (UTC)
Oh, well that may be me making things up. I'm not sure if the word 'faculty' was actually used. He was a history professor, I think (although, in the 1770s, would the discipline be that defined? If not, then it is well in keeping with the rest of the writing!)
12th Nov, 2013 20:37 (UTC)
Oxford certainly wasn't teaching history as a discipline in the 1770s, though there was a regius professor of modern history from 1724 with in practice very few responsibilities.
12th Nov, 2013 20:58 (UTC)
Ah for the days of jobs without responsibilities...
12th Nov, 2013 21:02 (UTC)
...and if the job by some mischance has responsibilities, then you pay some poor clerk a fraction of your stipend to do all the work, while retaining the status and access your post entails.
12th Nov, 2013 21:49 (UTC)

I love it, but then I also love the story & the film, which bare little resemblance to each other :-)  

12th Nov, 2013 23:37 (UTC)
I'm thoroughly enjoying it as well, and am intrigued by who managed to keep Ichabod on the staff of the university for that long. :-)

It's nonsense, but fun, stylish nonsense and I'm very curious as to how long they can stretch out the story - surely not seven years.
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