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24th Oct, 2013 06:11 (UTC)
I'm with Pp on this one.
24th Oct, 2013 06:40 (UTC)
"It was Year 71 of the Time After when the Last Humans dared once more to enter the poisoned devastation of the West. The peninsula was still a place of foul vapours and broken things, but the zombies had taken the East, and necessity drove them. And there, beneath the stunted, sapless trees, they found a curious thing.

"'Probably ritual,' they said, but the oldest amongst them, who had been a child at the Time of Ending, looked into the past and said that it was called a Camera. He pressed the buttons and said the ritual words, "I'll try turning it off and on again," and there upon the device a picture appeared: an image of the moment in which the world was changed forever.

"What poignancy is there in this picture! Did the person know as they took it that even in that moment, their world was ending? Did they notice the flame, or did they turn to look upon their dogs, and smile, and think that the world was good?

"Sometimes it is the little things that show us most sharply how the world has changed. It is open meadows where now there are unnatural trees. It is hedgerows where now there is poison. It is dogs in clothes, where now those dogs that remain have lost the ability to knit.

"But I can write no more, for the zombies are upon us. They are here."
24th Oct, 2013 08:02 (UTC)
Run! Run for the Tamar and escape!!!

(Can zombies cross running water...? It seems like they shouldn't be able to. )
5th Nov, 2013 12:30 (UTC)
Okay, I was pretty much expecting this, or something very like, and just smiling as I read along - and then you hit me with the unexpected knitting dogs, and I sporfled. Well played :-)
24th Oct, 2013 07:11 (UTC)
I imagine Az asking you to assure him that you don't hold him responsible. Brythen, meanwhile, awaits toasted rabbit to rain from the sky.
24th Oct, 2013 09:21 (UTC)

I guess it comes down to whether they're zombies animated By Magic, or new style zombies animated By Science, or at least by disease. The latter would scoff at the hindering effect of running water.

Of course, following the Great Boom, the Tamar turned into foul brackish puddles, so it makes no difference anyway

24th Oct, 2013 12:42 (UTC)
Phfft! Pfft! I say to these newfangled zombies with their bacteria and molecules! What happened to the good oldfashioned zombies of Yore, that's what I want to know. You knew where you were with those sort of zombies.
24th Oct, 2013 12:30 (UTC)
Also with Pp. -Neuromancer
5th Nov, 2013 12:27 (UTC)
Sorry, once you've seen it you can't unsee it :-)
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