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Nuts! Dog! Cats!

It seems to be a good sweet-chestnut year this year.  I didn't gather loads of them, as I had Brythen with me offlead and the woods were alive with squirrels, but this is still a goodly hoard-let.  (And I didn't lose Brythen once! Hurray!)
Sweet chestnuts
Also starring in this photo: what must surely be the last two figs of the year.  Now I need to decide what I can do with a bowlful of chestnuts and two figs...

In other news, Az seems (she says, very tentatively) to be once again staging a slow and wobbly recovery.  Getting him to eat is still quite a palaver, but the nighttime terrors seem to have stopped, and he's generally seeming more alert. So, thanks for all the crossed fingers!  I am trying to be very, very careful not to let him overdo things.

Things are looking less bright for poor Perl.  On Friday she seemed quite cheery and almost her normal brash shouty Liverpudlian self.  She even ate a reasonable amount.  But over the weekend she has been very quiet, and I've had no luck at all getting food into her, not even sardines or chicken stew (thinking on, I wonder if I should try her classic snack of burnt oven chips in ketchup?  Maybe not...  She is still drinking, but she seems very, very tired.

However, even now, she is a force to be reckoned with...Yama Bungle was sitting on the back of the sofa, in the spot Perl had decided she would sleep in.  Did Perl choose another spot?  No, she did not!  She hauled herself up, completely ignoring Yama grumbling and swearing at her, and plonked herself right next to him!
That is one seriously tough old cat on the left there.  And one very confused Bungle on the right.
...While I was writing this, Yama was basking before the gas fire.  And Az has just done exactly the same thing to him there!  Yama, these ancients have seen right through you, your fierce Bengal grumblings are worthless!  :-D



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13th Oct, 2013 20:26 (UTC)
I hope both your reverendly wizened and Bungle-pestering companions feel better soon.
14th Oct, 2013 20:58 (UTC)
Poor Perl, it does sound like her age is making things more of an effort, but I'm glad she's still retaining her sense of entitlement to sit where she wants, even if she's now being a crotchety old lady about it now, with the young upstart Bungle :-)

Poor Yama, if even Az is bossing him around. I will give him lots of love and attention when I see him in a few weeks :-) I bet he'll *love* that :-D
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