bunn (bunn) wrote,

Az woes

Not a good night, last night.   Az's heart was playing up.  You could feel it fluttering like a butterfly rather than making anything that could be described as a regular beat.  He kept coughing and could not find a comfortable position to lie in, and he wet his bed, even though I took him out at midnight and 4am. He got upset about that,although I changed the bedding and didn't make a fuss.   I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his bed, because when he got a coughing fit, he would get scared, and I kept having to get up and calm him down.

Then this morning when he tried to get up, his long lurcher legs gave way and he panicked again, tried to flee from his scary non-working legs and hide under our bed, only that scared him even more and he ended up crashing into the bed and wetting the carpet. :-(

This morning, he managed to go out into the garden and has eaten some cat food and his pills.  Then he even demanded a walk, so we very slowly walked up the lane and back again when he decided that was far enough.  Yesterday morning he leapt into the car and went galloping (albeit rather slowly, in a slightly wobbly manner) across the hilltop in pursuit of bunnies with Brythen: such a contrast!  But maybe that was too much.

He's now fast asleep and seems very peaceful.  I'm shattered!  Fingers crossed for a better night tonight.  I can't really leave him as he is at the moment in  case he panics again, but I'm hoping this is a one-off.
Tags: dogs, lurcher
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