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Az woes

Not a good night, last night.   Az's heart was playing up.  You could feel it fluttering like a butterfly rather than making anything that could be described as a regular beat.  He kept coughing and could not find a comfortable position to lie in, and he wet his bed, even though I took him out at midnight and 4am. He got upset about that,although I changed the bedding and didn't make a fuss.   I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his bed, because when he got a coughing fit, he would get scared, and I kept having to get up and calm him down.

Then this morning when he tried to get up, his long lurcher legs gave way and he panicked again, tried to flee from his scary non-working legs and hide under our bed, only that scared him even more and he ended up crashing into the bed and wetting the carpet. :-(

This morning, he managed to go out into the garden and has eaten some cat food and his pills.  Then he even demanded a walk, so we very slowly walked up the lane and back again when he decided that was far enough.  Yesterday morning he leapt into the car and went galloping (albeit rather slowly, in a slightly wobbly manner) across the hilltop in pursuit of bunnies with Brythen: such a contrast!  But maybe that was too much.

He's now fast asleep and seems very peaceful.  I'm shattered!  Fingers crossed for a better night tonight.  I can't really leave him as he is at the moment in  case he panics again, but I'm hoping this is a one-off.



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11th Oct, 2013 13:16 (UTC)
Poor Az :( I hope he's ok when he wakes up.
11th Oct, 2013 19:29 (UTC)
Well, so far so good, we have done another wobbly old walk and he's eaten something (though not really enough). If his heart stabilises again, we might be OK...
11th Oct, 2013 13:52 (UTC)
Poor Az. Fingers crossed for both of you.
11th Oct, 2013 14:10 (UTC)
Aww gosh how awful for you both. I hope it's a one if too and you both have a better night.
11th Oct, 2013 14:45 (UTC)
Poor old Az... I hope the pills work and he's back on an even keel again tonight.
12th Oct, 2013 10:01 (UTC)
Well, he had another coughing/panicking fit, but not as bad.

I noticed yesterday he had very warm ears for such a cold night, and chest seemed a little crackly- so am hoping it may be an infection rather than a deterioration in his heart. Maybe the tough old sod will come bouncing back yet again?
12th Oct, 2013 10:29 (UTC)
*fingers & everything crossed!*
11th Oct, 2013 14:51 (UTC)
Poor Az. Here's hoping he has a better night and many better days to come.
11th Oct, 2013 19:36 (UTC)
I have a horrible feeling we might be getting to the end of things now - he's just not eating enough most days, even though I keep stewing chickens. :-( But I am hoping that he may be able to stabilise again for a little while.
11th Oct, 2013 23:33 (UTC)
Oh dear. I hope so. I don't know if you gathered from facebook I lost Cole recently to cancer. No matter how expected it is, it never gets any easier. Will be thinking of both of you.
12th Oct, 2013 09:49 (UTC)
Oh no! Poor little round Cole? I must have missed that sad news, I'm really sorry.

Always way too soon.
(Deleted comment)
11th Oct, 2013 19:31 (UTC)
Fortunately for me I am blessed with the ability to sleep anywhere! One of the many things for the 'well, I didn't really envisage this when I got a dog, but it seems to make sense now' box!
11th Oct, 2013 16:08 (UTC)
11th Oct, 2013 16:48 (UTC)
Poor old guy. Hope you're both feeling better very soon.
11th Oct, 2013 19:13 (UTC)
I'm very sorry to hear that, and hope he feels better after his sleep.
11th Oct, 2013 20:01 (UTC)
The way you look after your dogs is worthy of the highest praise. I hope Az has an untroubled night tonight.
11th Oct, 2013 21:51 (UTC)

Poor As, hope things stabilise with his heart so you both get a good night's sleep.

11th Oct, 2013 23:57 (UTC)
I am very sorry to read this. I hope things improve/stabilise soon.
13th Oct, 2013 09:12 (UTC)
Oh poor Az and poor you. No, you really can't leave him at the moment but I do hope for both your sakes this is just a passing thing.
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