bunn (bunn) wrote,

Three weekend photos

The sun came out. The ponies seemed pleased and were sunbathing enthusiastically.  I'm always tempted to prod the ones that lie totally flopped out on the ground to check that they are OK, but having been the target of many indignant pony=stares when I have awoken them, I now restrain myself.

We went down to Lopwell Dam, where the River Tavy was dammed to help feed water to Plymouth, and a causeway at low tide still allows people with good balance and a risk-taking attitude to cross on foot.  You can see that the river is tidal up to the causeway, but the important thing is that the old pumphouse is now a cafe!  Hurray!   We went there to meet my sister, who has popped back from Canada for a week's visit.  She seems to be enjoying Canada, which has impressive numbers of Bald Eagles,  but is disappointed not to have met a wild Moose or Porcupine.

There was an osprey hanging about this cafe the day before we were there, but we didn't see it for all our looking.

And today I took Brythen to Dog School on the shores of Burrator Reservoir.  I always feel this reservoir looks a bit strange and unBritish.  Maybe it's the conifers.
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