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Visiting whuppet and brewing enquiry

My mother's ancient whuppet Flash has come to visit for the week while she is on holiday. He arrived with a hugely-padded bed, a roast chicken, a bag of fishskin treats that I can't help thinking of as 'Seabiscuits', his own nightlight, and instructions not to worry too much if he refuses to eat.
Flash Whuppet
I am told he has 'gone off tripe sticks'.  But apparently that only counts when there are not two other dogs looking hungrily at the tripe sticks.  Flash seems very happy staying with us.  Az, however, is a bit miffed. I think he is of the opinion that the wobbly ancient whuppet niche in our house is already occupied, and that there is no call for a smaller, cuter whuppet that wants to sit on his people's laps.

In other news,  I juiced some blackberries, to find out what juiced blackberries are like.  The juice had a slightly bitter aftertaste, which I think comes from the middle bit of the blackberry, so I juiced an apple into it as well to sweeten things up a bit.  But it was still a bit bitter so I turned it into a sauce.

Anyway, the point is that I shoved the jug that collects all the leftovers from the juicer out of the way and forgot to wash it, and only found it again two days later, by which time it had a brilliant cidery smell.  So now I am wondering what would happen if I collected and juiced a pile of blackberries and apples and forgot about the juice for a few days?  Would it go mouldy, or would it go cidery?


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10th Sep, 2013 19:21 (UTC)
It probably depends on just what yeasts, spores and fungi it picks up from the air.
10th Sep, 2013 19:39 (UTC)
This seems hopeful : http://and-here-we-are.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/how-i-made-wild-blackberry-cider.html

I don't have a demijohn, but I expect I've got a big pot of some kind.
10th Sep, 2013 19:58 (UTC)
Mmm ... interesting ...
10th Sep, 2013 20:04 (UTC)
This seems like a promising experiment. Possibly something to test?

Also, that dog has ENORMOUS eyes. Is he very good at making a begging face?
10th Sep, 2013 20:43 (UTC)
Shame it isn't Butteller next week. Regardless of whether the fruit goes mouldy or cidery, somebody would probably end up drinking it in an Unwise Cocktail. :-D
11th Sep, 2013 11:07 (UTC)
Only "probably"? I'm disappointed ...
10th Sep, 2013 20:51 (UTC)
I vote you dump a packet of brewers yeast in there and see what happens.
13th Sep, 2013 20:21 (UTC)
I think the theory is that the wild yeasts on the blackberries and apples should do the fermenting. Although that could be a high-risk approach.

It will all depend if the sun comes out this weekend long enough to pick berries - they are going over already...
12th Sep, 2013 03:32 (UTC)
The Baptist uncles 'leave' jugs of cider around their basements and then drink them after a few weeks when they have 'just turned' and thus according to Jesus don't count as alcohol. I am unsure of the exact procedure though
13th Sep, 2013 20:19 (UTC)
This is fascinating on both a brewing and a theological level! I have never thought before about the exact moment that juice becomes the Demon Drink.
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