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Pony and Dog : two random photos

It seems very late for foals to still be being born - most of the foals on the hill are now chunky rumbusteous young things, who gallop about cheerily, and need to be watched in case they decide that chasing dogs would be a funny thing to do. But yesterday I met this little horse-person, who looks very new.I hope it's going to be a long, warm autumn for her to grow up in before she has to face the winter blasts!
Kit Hill Ponies

And here is a photo of Brythen Being Good.  Posted mostly in a vain attempt to convince ladyofastolat that sometimes this does actually happen. :-D

Brythen Being Good
One thing he has learned really well is that he is not allowed to leap out of the car as soon as the door opens, but must wait for permission. He does this very solemnly, even though Az absolutely refuses to do the same and always leaps out as soon as he can do so.


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8th Sep, 2013 10:01 (UTC)
That is a more than slightly apprehensive Brythen. Will waiting be deserving of praise again?
9th Sep, 2013 11:30 (UTC)
I think he didn't want the walk to be over yet!
8th Sep, 2013 10:38 (UTC)
I love Brythen's crossed paws. They look very Egyptian -- Sphinx-like -- somehow.
9th Sep, 2013 11:32 (UTC)
I wonder if the Sphinx pose is also intended to communicate 'See me being very good'. You really wouldn't want a Giant Sphinx gallumphing around the place, whirling a stuffed rabbit around its head.
9th Sep, 2013 11:52 (UTC)
'See me being very good'.

Or, 'See me lulling you into a false sense of security.'

8th Sep, 2013 11:08 (UTC)
I love the "being good makes my brain hurt" expression on Brythen's face...

Lovely foal pic. I always worry about the late foals. But hopefully we'll have a few more mild months for him/her to grow bigger and hairier.

9th Sep, 2013 11:41 (UTC)
Hehehe, yes it does...

Foal and mum seem to be rather more delicate of build, long of leg and fine of hair than the usual chunky scruffy hairy mob up our hill, so I suppose may get taken off in the winter. Will have to keep an eye out. Foal doesn't look like the hill stallion either, which all the rest of them do!
(Deleted comment)
9th Sep, 2013 11:41 (UTC)
It's a hard life being Brythen. He would like to be good, but there are SO many different ways of being bad available!
9th Sep, 2013 00:32 (UTC)
Adorable photos!
9th Sep, 2013 11:49 (UTC)
Oh dear. Now I sound like the village gossip who goes round saying, "He'll come to no good, you mark my words." :-D

When I met him, Brythen struck me as a very Good Dog who sometimes gets a bit confused about exactly what Good is, or is so excited about the Good Thing he just did that he wants to spend half an hour racing around the countryside telling everyone all about it. Why should he come running back to you when you call him? You were there. You already know.
9th Sep, 2013 18:01 (UTC)
I think he's made some progress on the difficult theological 'what is good' issue, but has sadly discovered the charms of Being Good Later. Woe!
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