bunn (bunn) wrote,

Saltash sunset

We decided to go and explore the river Lynher, down where she widens before she joins the big river Tamar, just above Plymouth.
Lower Lynher

The castle on the hill is Trematon castle, a Norman fort.  You can just see the train on the main railway line to London in front of it.
Trematon Castle
The tide was lowish, and the rocks all covered in kelp.
Hound by the Lynher

This swan heard us talking from a great distance and came powering over to see if we had any sandwiches for him.  He was disappointed.

In other news, Helga Saab got ANOTHER puncture - split tyre.  Dratted potholes.  Foolishly, I did not have my mobile phone with me, but thankfully a helpful lady leaped to my assistance and ferried me and the hounds home, and then the equally-helpful local tyre shop came out, picked me up, took me (but not the hounds) back to Helga, swapped on the space saver, and then I drove back to their garage to get a new tyre.  Must. Carry. Phone. *bangs head*
Tags: cornwall, puncture, tamar valley, tyres, walks

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