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I have new contact lenses. They are supposed to stay in all month, which would save a bit of time. So far I've had them in 4 days and my vision is really going downhill. Optician told me yesterday to leave the lenses in for a couple of weeks to adapt but if I can't see, I can't work....

I've finally found a toyboy for the bunnies. He's a neutered rescue dutch rabbit and he's on his way over from Sussex on Thursday. Only one and a half - I wanted an older chap really - but it seems like only the younger bunnies come up in rescue. Would like to think that this is because the older bunnies all have happy homes, but I fear not.

We did a seafari this weekend - wind gusting to gale force 10 and we were bouncing round Falmouth in an RIB! It was great - huge waves, and we saw a curlew, some herons, lots of shags and egrets and gannets, not to mention a whole bunch of seals who seemed to find the sight of us in our little boat most amusing. We had been hoping for dolphins, but it was just too windy to go out to sea to look for them.

I was going to post a mighty rant about an agency for which I do some subcontracting, but then my browser spontaneously closed itself. It could clearly tell the rant was deeply dull, and I've got it out of my system now :-)
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