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Be careful what you whinge about...

Today the sun shone (until the thunder came).  And because the butterflies were, I presume,  carefully checking the internet yesterday, a number of them came out to see if my buddleias were as good as promised.  I only took these with my phone, so they are a bit fuzzy, although I do like the fritillary in the middle, where the clever phone software, desperately trying to compensate for its inadequate lens size, has created a wonderful impression of wings flapping.

fritillary tortoiseshell red admiral
peacock fritillary flapping comma

From top to bottom  a fritillary (? Silverwashed??  it was huge and flapping about at high speed) a rather scruffy-looking and teeny tortoiseshell, a magnificent Red Admiral, a Peacock (representative of a group of at least 10), the fritillary again, and bottom, a comma, which is, honestly, supposed to look like that; it's not just been pecked around the edges.

There were a few cabbage whites around as well, but they were wary, and not inclined to hang about posing.

However, I am nothing if not a demanding soul. These are good butterflies, no question.  But I still think there should be more of them.  A group of huge buddleias in full bloom, and only one representative of most of the common species?    I'm pleased by the 10+ peacocks, with their huge blue wing-eyes. But otherwise the turnout has to be classed as 'could do better'.

Are you reading this butterflies?
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