bunn (bunn) wrote,

A Hiding in the house post

We were going to be energetic this evening, but a thunderstorm has come, so we are hiding inside and playing loud music to reassure the hounds.

Az is shaking and panting and fretting, although he's not as panicky as he once would have been.  Brythen is keeping very small and quiet so that the thunder will not notice him, and sitting on his bottom a lot looking apologetic, so that the thunder will know he is a very good boy.  Both of them are intermittently hiding under philmophlegm's desk, which they clearly consider better protection than my sofa over here.    Dogs are funny things.

I am drinking lime squash with frozen raspberries and blueberry vodka.  Yes, that is the blueberry vodka that chainmailmaiden bought, that I did not pay for, because I didn't drink any of it on the weekend when it was bought.  Note to self, must replace Chainmailmaiden's blueberry vodka before she comes to visit again and finds me out.  And the elephant juice too, come to think of it.
Whoops, the electricity just cut out.  It is hard to play loud music without electricity, so let's hope it doesn't stay out for long.

Aaaaand its back!
Tags: dogs, drink!, weather

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