bunn (bunn) wrote,

A Beaver! A Beaver in the Otter!

Those who wish to make jokes about this title should do so.... now!

Someone has photographed a beaver - a real live beaver - in the River Otter The River Otter is a river that flows from Otterford in Somerset, via Ottery St Mary, to the sea at Budleigh Salterton. This is a loooong way East of the Tamar and Lifton, with Dartmoor in between the two rivers. That's a long walk on webby feet...

(Although three beavers escaped from Lifton, and only two were recaptured, there was subsequently a third beaver captured on the Tamar, that definitely wasn't the missing one (too small and wrong sex))

Where are all these British Beavers coming from?

You may make more jokes now.  :-D 
Tags: tamar valley, wildlife

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