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A sighthound rescue of my acquaintance has just put out a call for a foster home needed for a deerhound x wolfhound, 4 years old, no interest in rabbits or birds (so therefore more than likely cat safe), very gentle.

I am sitting on my hands.   Oh yes I am.  It would be a most bad idea for me to volunteer, for we are going away to attend a weekend wedding soon, and also hoping to be able to book a holiday, which would be muchly complicated by the presence of a ginormofoster (three-dog accommodation is hard to find).   Gah!  Why do the dream dogs come along at inadvisable times???

Edited on Thursday to add: doubly inadvisable times.  Brythen has gone down with kennel cough today, and Az has now started coughing too.  Back to vet with Az tomorrow, I can see, and I have had to cancel taking B to Dog School this month, as he is infectious - which is annoying when I paid for 8 lessons up front!  Oh well, it was only £40.  Dog school is cheap. :-D

Brythen was weighed at the vet (for his antibiotics: KC is a virus, but apparently there is a bacterial element), and he now comes in at 27.5 kilos, which is about the same as Mollydog in her prime, although I think B is taller and slenderer than Molls ever was. B was 24 kilos when I adopted him, and still doesn't have any surplus, thus confirming the Big Puppy theory. 
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