bunn (bunn) wrote,

Things Seen

1) a small black cat disappearing up the lane.  I thought she had killed a baby rabbit at first, as she was clearly carrying something heavy from the way she was running.  Then she jumped up onto the bank, and I realised that what she was carrying was actually a very small black kitten.   I have not seen her before.  I wonder if she is feral?

2) dead (but not squished) on the road below Kit Hill, something that was quite definitely either a young polecat-ferret, or possibly an actual polecat.  I know that the Polecats are coming back, after having been almost extinct and reduced to a tiny relict population in West Wales -  but in theory, they are not supposed to have reached Cornwall yet.   So possibly a feral ferret?  Although the difference between a feral polecat-ferret and an actual polecat seems to be largely philosophical.

3) a huge moon.   I took rather a good photograph of it, but you will have to take this on trust, as I then accidentally deleted the photograph before I had copied it off the camera drive.  Oh well.  It's the moon, you all know what that looks like.
Tags: cornwall, no camera, wildlife
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