bunn (bunn) wrote,

I Fought The Lawn And The Lawn Won

I swear I mowed the grass not a week ago (well, apart from the top garden), and yet it stood a good 5 inches tall and filled the lawnmower over and over again!   I had to give up when I got to the steps because the light was going. I'm not going up to the top garden in the dark.  Anything could be lurking up there.  Possibly even things that aren't either lurchers or cats...

In other news, Brythen has worn his new falconry bells for less than a week, and today he took off across a hillside and came back without one of them!  He must have got it caught on something somehow, maybe trying to squeeze under a gate - but I'm really impressed he managed to rip the metal to remove it!  I would say 'foolish dog' only given that he doesn't like his bells, maybe 'fiendishly cunning dog' would be more appropriate. 
Tags: dogs, garden

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