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I feel like Ozymandias, King of Kings


I've already had a LOT of strawberries out of the greenhouse this year - but this was today's haul.

If the production increases again next year, I can see me actually making strawberry jam. Normally I don't bother, because fresh strawberries are so much nicer than jam (particularly in scones with clotted cream!) But that is... a lot of strawberries.

I sowed some basil seeds in the greenhouse today. I suspect that as usual they will get eaten by whatever it is that lurks in the greenhouse, spurning strawberries and just waiting for fresh basil seedlings, but I thought I'd give it a go.

In other news, the fig tree has a LOT of big green figs on it. I am hopeful for a decent fig harvest this year. More Sun Please!

Up on the heath, the whortleberries are well in bloom. If we do get More Sun then that will probably be bad on the whortleberry front as they like it damp, but at the moment things are looking promising.



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8th Jun, 2013 21:23 (UTC)
Those are beautiful strawberries. They're so bright I almost feel that I could reach through the screen and pluck them out of the bowl to eat.
9th Jun, 2013 07:47 (UTC)
Alas, that there is no way to capture the scent of them!
8th Jun, 2013 22:45 (UTC)
That's delightful. Although the title of the post is making me think of running into a shard of a glass bowl in the desert, along with an inscription of what a colossal amount of strawberries the bowl contains. =D
9th Jun, 2013 07:25 (UTC)
I shall commission such a monument momentarily!!! :-D
8th Jun, 2013 23:39 (UTC)
Isn't the point of Ozymandius that he's kind of dead and hubrisy and ALL HIS STRAWBERRIES HAVE COME TO NOUGHT? So be thou ware, lest thy berries wither into nothing, and only the withered hulls remain, scattered in the desert, where only witless fools (or Cornishmen) will find them, and marvel at them as the RELIC OF THE GIANTS THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE
9th Jun, 2013 07:25 (UTC)
Well, I'm kind of expecting to come to naught *eventually*. Being an Eternal Strawberry Owner sounds a bit creepy, frankly. :-D

9th Jun, 2013 01:25 (UTC)
Have you considered strawberry wine? :)
9th Jun, 2013 06:43 (UTC)
Your message interests me greatly and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. :-D
9th Jun, 2013 13:59 (UTC)
Tried making that. Not really worth it.

That's what elderberries are for ;)
9th Jun, 2013 15:48 (UTC)
Oh my gosh, strawberries! Every time I've tried to grow them, something devours them (basil, otoh, is safe...perhaps we should trade pests).
9th Jun, 2013 19:17 (UTC)
Wow, those are amazing strawberries! I was quite pleased that our strawberries are flowering and have not yet died like everything else I try and cultivate, but now I feel all inadequate. I have strawberry envy. Luckily I also have a rather good pick-your-own about 25 mins drive away, which I think will have to be my solution....
9th Jun, 2013 19:45 (UTC)
Well, you are a lot further North than me - and if yours are outside, they won't be fruiting yet, give them time!

I ate a huge bowl of them yesterday and took my mum out for a strawberry cream tea picnic by the river today, and still there are loads left. Jam is definitely starting to look likely.
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