bunn (bunn) wrote,

Uuuurrrrgh. Summer cold, make me feel craaaap.

The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and I spent last night alternately shivering cold under a huge heap of blankets, then throwing all the blankets off. And aching.  And sneezing.  Should be working but brain refuses to engage first gear and keeps going back to sleep.  (It just took me 5 attempts to spell 'first'.)

I keep meaning to post about this smartphone.I finally caved to marketing and general ambient pressure and bought a Nexus 4.   A couple of months on, I'm not entirely sure it was a good idea.    It's a nice enough little computer.  A bit confusing getting to the basic phone features, but I'm getting used to those and it is quite handy to have an Android device right there for website testing purposes rather than relying on emulators & borrowings.    It also has a quite reasonable built-in camera, although of course it's not much good in low light and has limited functionality compared with my proper camera.

BUT- the technology of mobile internet is still at odds with my location.  There is pretty much nowhere that I go regularly that actually has a connection (to be honest, phone call signal is pretty dodgy, so I suppose I should have expected this).   I have managed to use my phone in a meeting to check website traffic stats, but even that was not straightforward (I had to find the person in the building who had the One True Password for the wifi - passing many people who disclaimed all knowledge, and bustling people who said 'yes I have the wifi password' and bustled on without pausing to reveal what it was -  and have it handed to me on a yellow sticky).

And OK, the thing is neat enough, but typing on it is so much slower than on a proper keyboard, and you can only get so much text onto a little screen.  Given that it only seems to get an internet connection in places where I could get one on my laptop anyway, I now wonder why I didn't just take my laptop to those places.   This is not a complaint I see from other people, so maybe it's just me living in the back of beyond.  Although I did try to get a signal in Launceston the other day, which is an actual town, and no joy. Maybe internet doesn't travel through granite very well.
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