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State of the Garden in June

Finally (and after what feels like about 3 years) the sun has come out.  This means that summoning up energy to do anything to the garden is hard, because just wandering round it staring at the unexpectedly blue sky seems like more than enough effort.
Some people feel that their job is done just by posing decoratively in front of an azalea.

Still. We did manage to stand back up the trellis for the Actinidia Arguta 'Issai', which had come down in the winds (propped up against the wall, below, so there is a shady tunnel between wall and plant.   There are still a lot of buds on 'Issai' and I am vaguely hopeful that maybe *this* year she will summon up the energy to actually fruit. Her fruits should be like small sweet bald kiwi fruits, but so far, she has not managed to make any.  I'm hoping that this doesn't mean she is less self-fertile than promised. I have swept all the 'tunnel' area and taken out a huge amount of honeysuckle and ivy that had crept in there while I was not looking for what feels like only about 5 minutes.   I should probably find something to plant in those pots, although that area will very soon be a mass of blue again - the bluebells are almost over, but the riotous campanula is almost in bloom to replace it.

There's a certain amount of volunteering Alchemilla Mollis on the patio.  The joy of AM is when it gets dewdrops.   Well, I suppose it's moderately joyous because it has no thorns or stings, too.  In my garden, I call things without thorns or stings a plus, on the whole.   On the grounds that my enemy's enemy is my friend, or something like that.


I have planted some mimulus (monkey-flower) and pansies in these baskets - pretty much the only thing I've planted this year.   The mimulus seems to be enthusiastic about its basket-filling work.  Pansies less so.   Get your act together, Pansies!   Footie cat is on his way over to find out what I am photographing,and demand to know why it's not him.

Long ago I bought seed for this perennial geranium, whose name now escapes me.  The seed escaped me as well, and has strewn itself hither and thither with wild abandon, covering everything in small purple flowers. I am not complaining.
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