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Oooh, odd!

Logged into LJ this morning and found all the menu options and links are in Cyrillic script - actually, I think they are probably in Russian, although sadly my Russian is non-existent, so I can't be entirely sure of that.

I assume that the wrong language has been associated with my account, and have reported it. It's an interesting insight into what it must be like trying to use those parts of the web built for monolingual English speakers, for someone with no English.

You'd think, too, given that I've had an LJ for tumty-tum years and use it a lot, that I would remember where at least some of the options were without a label cue, but no! Even the friends page link I got wrong!

I hope they can put it back, although I suppose if they don't, it will be an excellent educational opportunity for me to get some basic Russian... Right. Now which of these buttons is 'Post', I wonder? :-D

ETA - figured it out! It was my theme - I had language set to 'default' in http://www.livejournal.com/customize/options.bml 'default' presumably used to be English, and is now Russian. Thankfully, the customise page doesn't use my theme, so I could read it and change the language to English (UK). Still seems odd that this resulted in me getting my 'you have made a support request' acknowledgement email in Russian!

ETA No I haven't I thought that had fixed it, but then noticed that everything was in Russian if I clicked through to view someone else's full post including comments. And when I log in in another browser, I get 'Мы рады снова видеть вас в LiveJournal!' Ah well.


30th May, 2013 08:56 (UTC)
I do hope LJ isn't going to do this to everyone on a regular basis...

I once somehow managed to hit the button at the bottom of the Flickr page that switched the language option to Korean. It has very pretty characters.
30th May, 2013 10:24 (UTC)
Since nobody else has leapt in to say 'ME TOO!' I am now wondering if I (or, possibly, someone else in my house with big blue eyes and busy paws) has accidentally changed an obscure setting. I'm pretty sure it wasn't me, but I have no firm conviction that it couldn't possibly have been Yama Bungle.

I'll see what support say, if I don't get any useful response, I shall have to find a Russian handbook and see if I can find my way back to that setting!

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