bunn (bunn) wrote,

Spring is spronging

I have been working very late, and I should go to bed.  But instead, and probably because I am too tired to make good decisions, here is a photo of Brythen with a riot of wildflowers on this evening's walk -  bluebells, blue alkanet, red campion, and white stitchwort.  There will be foxgloves soon, but they are not quite ready yet.

Lurcher and Wildflowers

The flowers are amazing at the moment.  All the apple and cherry trees out in bloom at the same time as the bluebells, and the scent fills the air, and as I walk, plants whose blossoms I had not noticed attract attention with their scent, and so I walk along trying to match up the scent with the trees: is that the mock orange, or is it a crab apple mingling with bluebells?

I only had the phone camera to hand, but I am tempted to go back with the real camera tomorrow, because this is lovely.  But it loses something to look at, without the scent.

Tamar Valley Bluebells

I did try to take a photo of Az among the bluebells, but he was having none of it, and resolutely stood only next to brown treetrunks, or gravelly patches.  Clearly bribes are needed. 
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