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State of the garden in May : Aaargh Day

I think it may be time to admit that it is Aaargh Day. This is the day when suddenly all the growth speeds up until it is making a sort of roaring noise, and I have to admit that the garden is hopelessly out of control for the year and all I can hope to do is try to keep it from actually eating anyone.  I have not managed to do my New Years resolution 20 minutes of gardening a day, and this is terrifyingly obvious. One year, I may finally manage this.  But This is Not that Year.

But I did managed to prune the grape vine, clear the slate paved area in front of it which was in the process of becoming a wilderness (rather depressingly, as I created that area after we moved in! Still, at least you can get into it now).  And I have planted out some bedding plants, though I fear they are bought rather than seed-sown.

The cherry tree is in bloom and the apples are budding - unusual for them to be all performing at once.   Fingers crossed that there are enough bees to pollinate them.  I'm a bit worried about that.  There really do not seem to be many bees this year.  There are a few bumbles, but one here and one there - I don't think I've seen a single plant buzzing with multiple bees as they should be at this time of year. :-(

The fig tree is covered in quite large new green figs:

They look promising.  A few more weeks of sunshine would start to see those beginning to ripen, I reckon.  We can but hope!  

Oh well. Possibly I should have fought longer with the garden, but instead, I went off with the dogs and had a good time exploring the bluebell woods and admiring the blossom.  Several people commented on my extremely well behaved dogs.  I hope he's not sickening for something. (B. was offlead earlier, but we were coming back to the busy bit here)

The Tamar at CoteheleIMG_20130519_122046


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20th May, 2013 16:26 (UTC)
You do have some lovely places to walk!
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