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In which we are in Luckett

I meant to post about walking around Luckett earlier this week, but LJ had hiccups.   Luckett is an ex-mining village - in fact, twice an ex-mining village.  It was an ex-mining village in 1877, when the tin and arsenic mine closed.  Then in the 1940s' the price of tin went up, and the mine re-opened for a short while, until Luckett became an ex-mining village for the second time in 1952.

Philmophlegm and Brythen traverse a spoilheap, which appears to have half-eaten an earlier building.  I think the half-eaten building must be one of the nineteenth-century ones that wasn't needed in the 40's.  Brythen is on the lead because I really don't need him trying to follow a rabbit down an abandoned mineshaft, the noodlebrain.   I like the way that this photo vaguely suggests they have just popped up out of a hole.


Looking at this mine chimney enveloped in ivy and the castle-like ruin of the mine, it seems almost incredible that when the mine last re-opened, about 65 years after it closed,  that was a longer time closed than the period from 1952 to now.  The mine seems like it has been dead for centuries.

But when I came to look up the dates (which I stole from this Stoke Climsland magazine article), I stumbled across this Realplayer video about the Exciting Modern Mining Methods being deployed in cutting-edge Luckett...


I found a stream and experimented with fast and slow shutter speeds.  I don't think this 'frozen' fall would be at all convincing as a background for tiny people.

 But this one seems much more convinging - it absolutely calls out for a drama of some sort taking place before the Mighty Falls?  Note to self, if I try this, remember to remove any leaves.  That leaf in the middle would be a dead giveaway.  I might need to photoshop the moss in the middle of the fall a bit too.

Luckett seemed a cheery village, until we stumbled across this rather macabre exhibit.    I know sheep do go the Way of All Sheep with alarming regularity, but I still feel that celebrating the deaths by decking a bush with random skulls is just a bit odd.
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