bunn (bunn) wrote,

Tiny Monsters

I went up the Lynher river today, and photographed some tiny people and monsters.

First I caught a dragon, waiting.

Then I stumbled upon an as-yet-unpublished scene from a future Ice and Fire book! The appearance of the Otyugh in Westeros takes everyone by surprise, not least Cersei...
An as-yet-unpublished scene

The Otyugh is normally found in damp riverside locations.

Melisandre is seriously hard. She may have only just stepped out of the river, but she is not going to let the Otyugh menace her.
Melisandre Needs A Boat

That awkward moment when you come around a corner and there is a DRAGON.

All miniatures expertly painted by philmophlegm
Tags: a song of ice and fire, arty stuff, photos, roleplaying

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