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Frontier Wolf Timeline and map

So I have it handy, and just in case anyone else should want it.  Text in italics only happens in the book.  The rest is history, or at least, history as she do appear in Wikipedia.
313 - Edict of Milan - religious toleration, Christianity encouraged but paganism is also fine. Two flavours of Christianity are available: Arianism and Nicene. They Do Not Get On.

337 - death of Constantine the Great (of a disease) : Eutropius says “He was deservedly enrolled among the gods.”

- Constantine II gets Britain, Gaul, Spain. Constans gets Italy, N. Africa, Constantius the East.

 -Constantine 1's nephew, Dalmatius Caesar and 10 other members of the Imperial house killed by (? German) soldiers in Constantinople (Constantius may be complicit)

- Thracia , Achaea & Macedonia pass to Constans

338-9? Constantine II and Constans argue over Africa, Thrace, Macedonia

340 - Constantine II dies at Aquileia, failed to take Italy from Constans.

- there is a feeling among the Frontier Wolves that supply / payment problems worsten after death of Constantine I. Julius Gavros complains about corruption in Constantine II’s officials.

  - Constans takes Britain, Gaul, Spain.

341 - pagan sacrifices banned by Constans & Constantius  (?? what sort of pagan sacrifices??)

   - Julius Gavros has a run-in with Druid Morvydd, who is demanding a human sacrifice after a bad harvest. ‘A year or two ago’ he says when talking to Alexios.

342 - Constans & Constantius legislate against the destruction of pagan temples

  - early autumn Alexios takes over in charge of Castellum.

343 - ?September - death of Ferradach Dhu.  Alexios gets word of envoys from Hibernia coming to negotiate the wedding of a princess at the court of King Bruide of the Picts.

343 - 12 December (ish) - Praepositus Montanus arrives at Castellum.

        17th Dec (ish) Connla killed.  Picts attack.

        Bremenium & Segontium sacked. Arcani opened the gates.

343 - Dec 21- Midwinter’s Night - Third Ordo reaches Bremenium, Alexios kills Cunorix.

Attacotti landing along the Western coasts, Damnonii join them.

    Dec 22nd - Third Ordo reaches Habitancium.

    Dec 23rd - Third Ordo & Habitancium garrison arrive at Onnum & see Emperor Constans.

343 (winter)- Emperor Constans visits Britain.

 - Council of Serdica called by Constans to try to resolve tensions between Nicene creed & Arianism.

344 - Jan - Alexios recovers.

Sixth Legion & Twentieth Legion sent in to end trouble in Valentia.

Feb - Julius Gavros appointed Praepositus.  Constans offers Alexios a choice of 3 jobs.

346 - Constans (Nicene) & Constantius (Arian) religious tension

350 - Constans killed by assassins serving Magnentius Caesar, who had declared himself Emperor of the West. They dragged Constans from a temple where he had taken refuge.

367 - the Great Conspiracy.  Arcani betray the empire (this seems to be a bit that Sutcliff has moved forward by about 30-odd years, so I may need to find a reason why the Arcani treachery of 343 doesn't see the end of them! ) , are disbanded by Count Theodosius.
380ish - Votadini king Cunedda / Constantine III Paternius born (later goes to Wales). Genealogies give his grandfather as Padernus of the Red Robe - possibly a king set up with Roman support?

And here is the fort at Castellum. I must say my mental image of the area was more moorlandy, somehow. 
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