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Foster Dogs Reviews & Home Offer

Chloe and Amber have a home offer!  Their new owners are coming all the way from Kent to meet them tomorrow.  They have 4 sheep and three horses and want dogs that will not chase them. C&A have shown zero signs of chasing anything other than dogs in the last three months, so I feel fairly confident about that.

Philmophlegm has reviewed them as a pair : "Probably the best foster dogs we've every had!" he said, glowingly.    Clearly the tummy upsets, leg amputation, and disappearing dog have been forgiven...

A dogwalker from the village reviewed them less warmly "Goodness me! I never thought you'd get a home for them" she said, when I mentioned the adopters were on their way.

Now to see if I can manage to keep my resolution to leave off fostering for a bit.

Edited to add a photo of Philmophlegm dancing with Amber shortly before she left, just because it amuses me.

Philmophlegm dances with Amber



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26th Apr, 2013 18:24 (UTC)
That's not quite what I said.

My actual reviews were:

Chloe: "The best behaved foster dog we've ever had."
Amber: "Behaved well after you cut her leg off."
27th Apr, 2013 13:32 (UTC)
If that isn't an incentive to behave well I don't know what is!
28th Apr, 2013 20:51 (UTC)
Another incentive to behave well is that PP might dance with her if she didn't. Inserted photo of Pp and Amber dancing... :-D
26th Apr, 2013 19:06 (UTC)
Congratulations, I hope, to Chloe and Amber.
26th Apr, 2013 19:16 (UTC)
Hope the visit goes well.
26th Apr, 2013 21:08 (UTC)
Can you bear to part with them?
28th Apr, 2013 21:00 (UTC)
Well, I did manage to hand them over in the end! It was really hard though, they were a really nice pair of dogs and not difficult to look after. I have to admit though, it was quite relaxing this evening, just walking my own two. It just feels much easier to walk and drive places without four big dogs filling up the whole car!
(Deleted comment)
28th Apr, 2013 20:52 (UTC)
I think it went well! They went off today and I've just had a call to say they have safely arrived at the other end and seem to be settling in OK.
29th Apr, 2013 11:29 (UTC)
Oh, I do hope they settle in well, they were a lovely pair, I shall miss reading about them.
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