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Foster Dogs Reviews & Home Offer

Chloe and Amber have a home offer!  Their new owners are coming all the way from Kent to meet them tomorrow.  They have 4 sheep and three horses and want dogs that will not chase them. C&A have shown zero signs of chasing anything other than dogs in the last three months, so I feel fairly confident about that.

Philmophlegm has reviewed them as a pair : "Probably the best foster dogs we've every had!" he said, glowingly.    Clearly the tummy upsets, leg amputation, and disappearing dog have been forgiven...

A dogwalker from the village reviewed them less warmly "Goodness me! I never thought you'd get a home for them" she said, when I mentioned the adopters were on their way.

Now to see if I can manage to keep my resolution to leave off fostering for a bit.

Edited to add a photo of Philmophlegm dancing with Amber shortly before she left, just because it amuses me.

Philmophlegm dances with Amber
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