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In Callington

I'm guessing that every town in the land once had a shop like Trewartha, Gregory and Doidge, and now... not many do.  But Callington still does!  Yet, oddly, people do not seem to flock to Callington to wonder at it.  Everyone locally seems to feel that Callington as a town is a bit sad.  I feel a town with a shop like this has a lot going for it.

Trewartha, Gregory & Doidge of Callington

I particularly liked the display of Things We Keep Hidden Behind the Counter.
A display of bolts and hinges

It is such a great shop.  When I went there to buy a broom, there really was someone else who had come in to buy four screws.
I had no idea that you could even buy that many different brooms, and their Terrifying Garden/Landscaping Tool section is definitely the place to go in the event of Zombie Apocalypse.   Or if you need a choice of axes or a lopper for non-zombie-related reasons.  I bought a pair of new gardening gloves too.

I wish I had had the nerve to take some photos inside. Maybe next time!   I would have found this shop terrifying when I was younger, when DIY superstores seemed so much more accessible, somehow. Apparently I've now found the self-confidence to be able to enjoy it.
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