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Bad things.

  • I have a cold.  My ability to think and do stuff is impaired.

  • I really need to do some work this weekend for Important Stuff happening on Monday & Tuesday that cannot be postponed.

  • It is raining heavily.

  • The boiler keeps throwing wobblies.  So far, philmophlegm has managed to repair the wobblies with telephone help from the plumber (hurray!), but I am a bit worried that it is saving itself to go proper wrong on Sunday, when a callout will be extra expensive.

  • I took the dogs out for a short walk.  All dogs but Amber looked at me as if I was suggesting a 20 mile hike through concentrated sulphuric acid.   Amber leaped about on her three legs going YAY WALK!!!

  • Brythen hates the rain worst of all, and kept refusing to walk, doing Extremely Tragic Ears, and suggesting that rather than walk back to our house, we should go into someone else's house - any house, just to keep the horrible, horrible rain off.

  • Unfortunately, Brythen is the dog that actually needs to be walked.  Otherwise terrible things happen and I find him sitting in the middle of those, with Tragic Ears.

  • When we did get back to the house, Brythen did Tragic Ears because he was wet, and then fled in terror because I offered to dry him with a towel.

  • I still haven't remembered to buy a broom in Callngton, even though I have been to Callington twice and probably walked past the appropriate shop.  This is why I end up buying things on Ebay.

Good things

  • It may be raining, but there is no wind and it's pleasantly mild and moist, which makes a nice change from the cutting cold.

  • The birch and beech trees are all bedecked with sparkly drops of rain on the tips of their dark twigs

  • Walking cleared my head, and I could smell where a fox had crossed the road.

  • The primroses are all out and flowering like mad, and as soon as the rain stops, the celandines will join them.

  • I have some very nice icecream for my sore throat.

  • The goosegrass has begun to grow. Az loves young goosegrass.

  • I have bought a steam cleaner.  If anyone out there happens to have a cat with rhinitis, I heartily recommend you do the same.  Nothing removes cat snot like a steam cleaner.

  • Because it is raining, the dogs are curled up being all quiet and peaceful, lest I force them out in the wet again.

  • My brain may be full of pale grey fog, but eyes have gained a magical ability to stare randomly and blankly for ages without getting bored.  It's like the spell that the Dark can do on Old Ones in The Dark is Rising.

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