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Sutcliff Swap : Dear Creator ( Dawn Wind, Lantern Bearers, Sword at Sunset, Eagle of the Ninth)

 It is Sutcliff Swap time!  Can I tempt anyone to join in?  Look here is a tempting Frontier Wolf!

Here is my Sutcliff Swap Dear Creator thingymabob!
I requested:
1)  Dawn Wind.  I'd love to see either a scene from Owain's time staying with Priscus and Priscilla, or perhaps after the events of Dawn Wind are over, when Owain and Regina go west into the Welsh hills - did they find Priscus and Priscilla again?

2) Lantern Bearers, Flavian, Ness, Ambrosius.  Anything from the time when Flavian, Aquila's son is growing up, hero-worshipping the young Artos, and Ambrosius was High King.

3)  Sword at Sunset Artos, Cabal, Sirius  - I'd like to see or read a really Sutcliffy story, the young hero, the hope of his people with his white horse and his faithful hound, against a backdrop of tawny hills or the green valleys full of apple-orchards.  Maybe a story of meeting one of the Companions for the first time?

4)  I have long harboured a desire to know more about Cottia's Uncle Kaeso and Aunt Valaria.  How does an Iceni girl land a rich Romanised magistrate from Calleva as a husband? What did her sister, Cottia's mother think about it?  How did they decide to take in Cottia?  Were they disappointed that Cottia went off to live on a farm, and what was their life like after Cottia left?  Does Aunt Valaria ever get drunk and indulge in wild Iceni dancing, and if so, is Kaeso shocked or does he love it?

Basically, I like All the Sutcliff Things. So probably I'm going to be delighted with whatever you make!  But possibly more detail would help?

I like : hard decisions, sighthounds, desperate risk-it-all rescues, sunsets, orchards,  last hopes, quiet character studies and magic.  Not necessarily all in one place though :-D

I like characters who have beliefs, such as a faith in Mithras or Christ or Freya or household gods, who behave as though those beliefs are real and affect their everyday lives.   I am greatly interested in plants, and the qualities that they are believed to have, and really have.   In art, I like flowing shapes, odd little details, and interesting lighting.

I like unreliable narrators and I love stories told as if to an audience.  I am interested in people who make things, and how they feel about the making.     I prefer characters who are likeable and moderately honorable in their behaviour, and I have a great dislike of anti-heroes.

Although I'm happy to read fic where characters are in relationships of any flavour, I'm not much interested in what the characters are doing in bed, and am more interested in stories where the plot goes beyond romance.

Tags: arthuriana, arty stuff, sutcliff, writing

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