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Odd finds

Yesterday on Kit Hill I found what appeared to be the skull of an adult rabbit. Nothing odd about that, except the skull had no eye sockets. I came back and looked up rabbit skulls to double-check: they normally have the huge open eye sockets you would expect from a prey animal. But this one didnt: there were sort of bone plates fused to the skull where you'd expect the eye sockets to be. Very strange.

On the same walk I found an entire sheep skeleton, old enough to be quite clean and white. This is also a little odd, because there are no sheep kept on Kit Hill, and I've walked that way several times and never seen this skeleton before. I am fairly observant, and it's quite noticeable because of the whiteness. You'd have thought if a fox or something was moving bones about they would just have moved one, not the whole lot. It's less odd than the blind rabbit though.

In other news, my pepper plants now have young peppers on them and the raspberries have started fruiting. I have done a couple of paintings on my astoundingly cheap canvases that I bought on ebay, and now I need to buy more paint.
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