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Funny weather we're having for the time of year....

I took the dogs down to the mines this morning, and on the way back I got rained on, even though the sun was also shining so brightly that I could see my shadow very clear and black. Coo, it was hot. Though not as hot as it was walking along the Lyn valley on Sunday: that was really rainforest-like, after the huge thunderstorm that morning.

I was very pleased that neither of the dogs got stressed out by that, or by the fireworks that were going off when we went down to Woolacombe beach on Saturday evening. Az was supposed to be terrified of fireworks, so with a bit of luck that is another thing that the Calmness of the Mollydog has got out of his system.

However, he did panic yesterday when he was suddenly affrighted by a savage hen that leapt dramatically out of the hedge at him, clucking in the most terrifying manner. It took me some time to persuade him that it was safe to go past.

I just wormed the dogs. For future reference, I note here that the wormers that Mollydog had such a bad reaction to last time were Drontal, and that the drop-on stuff I have used this time is Advocate, which handily also zaps fleas. Strangely, Mollydog requires the 'extra large dog' formulation. I don't think a dog I can lift singlehanded really counts as 'extra large...'

I need to do the cats too but that can wait till Polo gets back from wherever he has gone this time (? Reading?).

Have had a very busy couple of weeks, but things seem to be a little quieter now. Though one of the things I was busy with was lots of quotes, so with a bit of luck this is the quiet before the storm.

I think Amber bunny is now 9 years old. We adopted her in 1999, and I am pretty sure she must have been at least 2 then.
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