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I made some hummus on Saturday.  It is OK, but not... quite right.
50g sesame seeds, toasted (I think maybe I didn't toast them enough.  Maybe try adding pre-made tahini next time)
400g tin of  chickpeas (drained)
20ml olive oil
2 cloves garlic
juice of a lemon
about 100ml water
SHOULD have added: a pinch of salt.

and then I chopped the sesame seeds in the blender, mixed in the olive oil, added the rest and blended till it was smoothish.   The texture is maybe a little gritty - could have added more water & blended for longer.    To start with, the flavours were way off - the raw garlic and lemon juice was far too much.  Today, the flavours have blended a bit so the whole thing tastes more pleasingly hummus-y, but still is lacking something.  Maybe salt?   Or maybe try dried chickpeas instead of tinned?

I still haven't made any beer fudge, but this is definitely on my to-do list.  I originally came across the idea when I misread the words 'beer fridge' but the misreading sounded so delicious! 



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7th Apr, 2013 20:15 (UTC)
Well, I think my normal bought hummus does not come with cumin, but perhaps I should try it!

I think I'll try pre-made tahini. I only went for the sesame seeds because the supermarket I went to is diddy and had no tahini.
7th Apr, 2013 18:53 (UTC)
Paprika, maybe? I've always used premade tahini, also, but I enjoy my hummus full of raw garlic.
7th Apr, 2013 20:18 (UTC)
I shall try paprika, though I am sure I've bought and enjoyed paprika-free hummus, so not sure I'd notice a lack of it. I like raw garlic on garlic bread, but it seemed a bit too shouty in this recipe. Although I believe garlic varies in flavour too, so possibly I just bought an over-emphatic bulb.
7th Apr, 2013 20:37 (UTC)
Garlic definitely varies in flavor. Also my use of garlic in general is, uh, heavy-handed.
7th Apr, 2013 19:44 (UTC)
I have a recipe I've used since I was a student (I think it came from a Student Cookery book):

Drain a can of chick peas, tip them into a bowl, and pound them with a wooden spoon until they form a smooth paste. (Nowadays, I blitz them, but I think pounding's better). Add a finely-chopped garlic clove and a teaspoonful or so of ground cumin. Then mix in a spoonful of lemon juice, a spoonful of oil, a spoonful of lemon juice... until it's the consistency you like. (I use a mild olive oil or sunflower oil -- extra virgin's too strong). Cover with cling film, and leave overnight if poss. It's quite popular with my family!

7th Apr, 2013 20:19 (UTC)
Thank you! I note that has rather less garlic than my recipe, and clearly I shall have to try with cumin...

No tahini or sesame seeds?
7th Apr, 2013 20:47 (UTC)
No, no tahini or sesame seeds -- maybe because it was a student recipe?

Also, I never put any salt in my cooking, so I don't know if you might feel it needs salt. I suppose the thing to do is taste it!

8th Apr, 2013 04:22 (UTC)
Mmm, hummus. =)~ I can't recall if the hummus I usually buy has tahini (if so, I can't taste it, and it's not a taste I particularly prefer in strong doses).

Beer fudge, hahah, that sounds like a must-try.
8th Apr, 2013 09:40 (UTC)
My partner makes a mean hummous with pressure-cooked dried chick peas (the only thing he has against tinned is that they tend to be quite wet in the mixture), tahini, mild olive oil, a little garlic and loads of salt.

We have an endless debate about the quantity of salt he adds to things, but I have to confess (though not to him of course), it is delicious. The one time I tried to make it without salt it was inedible.

What's beer fudge? sounds fascinating.
11th Apr, 2013 13:43 (UTC)
SALT! It was indeed salt that was missing - at least for my personal preference. I had drained off the liquid and added a little plain water instead, so I didn't find them too wet, but I think some people use the liquid in the tin, which is presumably salted for preservation purposes so makes the whole mix more salty...

I STILL haven't made beer fudge yet, but I imagine it will be like chocolate fudge, only flavoured with beer instead of chocolate...
12th Apr, 2013 12:23 (UTC)
Sounds yummy. I'm about to make my weekly supply of chocolate brownies (I freeze it and take it to work, to go with the more-austere salads). I wonder if you can make that with beer?
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