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State of the garden in April

Could really be summed up as 'chilly and dry, with daffodils'.

We have had a few days of wide blue skies and sunshine, and yesterday, I even mowed the lawns*. At least, those bits of the lawns that needed mowing, and had not been converted into dry-earth racetracks by the activities of a brindly lurcher running round and round androundandroundandround on them.  At least this cuts the mowing.

The daffodils seem to be pleased that the grass is finding it too chilly to grow this year, and are doing really well.  We have a fair number of primroses and some wood anemones opening too.  The snowdrops are over at long last,  but are covered in fat green seedheads, so I am rather hoping there might be even more of them in a year or so.   Apart from that - the camellias are almost over, and there are a couple of deep-pink buds just bursting on the nectarine tree, but none of the other fruit trees are close to budding yet.  It's such a cold spring this year!  And dry, too, although given how much rain there has been, I'm not complaining.

I have chopped down a bunch of plum suckers that were shading the not-quite-a-Bramley cooking apple tree, and pulled up YET MORE brambles.  It's a never-ending process with the brambles.  I never seem to get them all.  Oh, and I tried to brush the paved area outside the house, and broke the broom handle.  Drat.  Am now trying to decide if it would be stupid to buy a broom online, which would be silly, but would mean I would *have* a broom, or try and remember to go somewhere to buy a broom, which would mean a special trip to... somewhere that sells brooms.  Where sells brooms?.   Oh, maybe the strange little hardware shop in Callington.  I like going there.  I always feel I could buy a single nail, and they would wrap it in brown paper for me :-D

I am considering weedkillering the paving, or at least part of it.  It's infested with couch grass, and hand-weeding is not cutting it. I don't like weedkiller, but short of taking up all the paving and re-laying it, it seems the only option.  Pants.

In 2011, the Summer Sun cherry was in bloom by now,  the nectarine flowers were almost over and the bluebells were out. Though I think that year was early, because in 2010, the cherries were still only budding by the 20th, and 2009 sounds like it wasn't far ahead of this one.

*for those envisaging vast green spaces, these are tiny lawnlets really, but as the slope is steep they are arranged stepwise to make it possible to walk on them.
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