bunn (bunn) wrote,

What I Did On My Holidays in Westeros

1) saved Westeros from overwhelming Wildling attack and the Squidly rule of Balon Greyjoy!

This was a followup roleplaying session to the adventure two years ago, when, it is becoming increasingly clear, we probably doomed the world.  But only in the longer term,  so that's all right.

Here are some snaps :
Approaching the Northern Shore, Turnpyke takes to the waters
We land North of the Wall by moonlight.  We were being ultra-sneaky, so the best swimmer went ahead in the water to check things out.  Unfortunately, the water was very, very cold, and the best swimmer kept rolling 1's.   Incidentally, the swimmer's weird eye is not my drawing, but a Character Feature.   In the boat, various party members, non-player characters, and Gelert the Mastiff.
Springing ashore to attack the Wildlings
We arrived at the shoreline and found a couple of Wildlings, sadly wearing ridiculous hats to try to protect their ears.    The Master of Arms, followed by Gelert the Mastiff, leaped out to give them a taste of Good Cold Steel, although he was forstalled by Edmun Blackadder Darnell, who gave them a taste of Good Cold Arrows.  We later discovered that the corpses were likeable men, much beloved of their many children.
Fight in the Forest
The only enemy in this picture is Horny Helmet Guy, who attacked us after I spectacularly failed to hide from him, hiding behind a tree which noisily collapsed.   It turns out that Horny Helmet Guys are a load of trouble.   I think I might have given this drawing more movement if I hadnt' essentially taken the composition from the Lego figures used to model the battle.
I roll a natural 20 while climbing a tree.
My character needed to climb a tree.  I rolled a natural 20.   I *strolled* up the tree, to the amazement of other characters who had tried and failed.

To be honest, exactly how we saved Westeros is already starting to go a bit fuzzy in my head.   But I do remember the tragic death of Gelert the Mastiff at the hands of a Horny Helmet Guy, a lot of sneaking around woodlands, and some sort of Mighty Sea Battle at the end.

While we were adventuring,  we ate an enormous amount of... well,pretty much everything.  Less good:  Brythen tore a dog bed into many tiny fluffy fragments.   Then he went outside.  I confidently observed 'it's nice that he is so good about entertaining himself outdoors, and there's not much damage he can do out there."   Later, I went out and found that the ancient blanket that covers the compost bins had been ripped into 999 fragments, and the garden decorated with the results.  Sigh.

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