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State of the garden in Feb 2

It was actually dry enough not just to garden, but to hare around the garden today.Last year's Blue Ball has completely disappeared, as mysteriously as it appeared, so I bought Brythen a new ball - a squeaky one, because he has got over his fear of squeakies now.   He ran about with it for a while, but of course, dropped it as soon as I took a photo.


There is evidence that Someone has been having fun digging in the veg beds.  And the same Someone has removed an ear and the woolly jumper from the sheep toy that I originally bought for Mollydog, and has carelessly discarded what remains...

And now he is walking on the snowdrops!
I think that hedgebank behind him might be genuinely quite old.  I checked a 1900 map of the village, and it was already there as the original field-boundary.   But I don't think there is any way of dating it as more than 'any period before 1900'. Woe.

At least the rhubarb is coming along well.

And if looking at the garden becomes too alarming, I can admire the view.

The snowdrops are doing pretty well, to be fair.

I removed an enormous number of plum suckers that were shading the apple trees (if I ever start talking about planting plum trees, someone please slap me...) and a misplaced branch on the cooking apple tree.  Also removed YET MORE brambles (the endless task!) and trimmed some hazel hedge.  Then I made a clematis support with some of the trimmings.
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