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Dogs and Things

Lunch with my mother, and my sister, who is just about to move to Canada.   Originally they were going to buy a business in Vancouver, but apparently buying a Canadian business from the UK takes forever and involves 9999999 paperworks, so now T has accepted a job in Moncton, which is on the East coast which they have never actually visited.  My sister will be moving out there to join him in April, and jobhunting when she gets there.   I do hope they like it!

Some sad news too, as Mum's little dog Smudge died suddenly this week.  She was 13 and a half but it was quite unexpected, as being a collie x terrier we had  kind of thought she would go on for ages.   She was a cuddly little dog who loved people (and hated big black dogs!)

Picked up foster Amber from the vet after lunch, after her combined spay and amputation operation.  She was very worried, poor little munchkin - in fact, it was hard to tell how much of her behaviour was 'OMG I am missing a leg! It hurts!' and how much of it was 'OMG!  You LEFT me at the vet!'  She just has a bald thigh on that side, now with a big scar across the bottom and a row of stitches.    She seemed quite disoriented on Sat, cried a lot and fell over often when she stood up.  But today she has been much more settled and seems to be getting used to things.  She was even keen to do a walk, and so we took her just down the road a little way, which she managed very well.
Amber just after amputation

In other news, painting of Bedwyr harping for Artos and Cador of Dumnonia is slowly coming together although I do wish I'd put fewer faces in. But I suppose Faces are Good For Me.  Bedwyr now has a face that actually looks like a face, although painting a face that is *supposed* to have a weird flying eyebrow and be 'ugly beautiful' is somewhat tough.  I had a nightmare last night about a conspiracy of evil harpers.  I'm pretty sure this was to do with checking too many harping websites for reference photos.

In the end I used this Youtube video as reference for a small portable harp and positioning the hands.  It's not exactly The Great Music, but it is rather lovely. 


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17th Feb, 2013 22:41 (UTC)
Poor Amber. It must be so hard seeing her like that even though it had to be done.
18th Feb, 2013 03:52 (UTC)
Amber has such a sad sadface. :-(

I think Bedwyr is the kind of character authors love describing, but who makes artists weep. Sutcliff likes this kind of character (so does Victor Hugo).
18th Feb, 2013 10:58 (UTC)
Sorry to hear about Smudge, she looks such a happy little dog in that photo. & Poor Amber, that is a very sorry for myself face she's pulling, but no wonder. Hope she adapts to 3 legs soon.
23rd Feb, 2013 18:15 (UTC)
I'm so sorry to hear about Smudge. In your posts about her she seemed a very endearing little dog.

Poor Amber. Hopefully she'll continue to adjust. I've heard dogs take to amputations quite well though I've no experience of them.
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