bunn (bunn) wrote,

Umph. Bloody faces

I had an idea for a lovely landscape painting, but then I thought: NO!  I should try to paint something that will help me Develop New Skills. Or at least Skill I Don't Have, ie, painting faces. 

So now I am painting Bedwyr harping and singing in the Great Hall of Cador of Dumnonia, with lots of people listening.  And regretting it!  Why is it that when I am painting a scene with three Named Characters (Artos, Bedwyr, and Cador) and a miscellaneous cast of Other People, the important characters end up with disasters for faces, whereas the old bloke who I just shoved in randomly next to Cador came out right first time with a personality of his own and eyes that actually look in the same direction and even an expression???   Also the random Two Men with Beards in the foreground who I sketched out without really thinking about it are quite convincing, whereas Artos and Bedwyr look like a disaster has occurred in a mascara factory. 

I have spent ages painting Artos this evening and I'm fairly sure that tomorrow I shall have to completely overpaint his face and start over.  Pants. 
Tags: acrylics, sutcliff, whinge
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