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State of the foster dogs

Chloe foster dog remains a laid-back cuddly old teddy bear who loves everyone. We'd have a queue a mile long if she were looking for a home on her own, I reckon.

Amber foster dog... is more complicated.I knew when I agreed to foster her that she had a big lump on one leg.  Tests on this lump have so far been inconclusive, but it's looking like the leg will need to be amputated - if an x-ray finds that the tumour hasn't spread inside her body. 

Only it's not that simple.  A few days after Amber arrived with us, Az started getting very interested in her and (despite his 14 years and wobbly legs) trying to hump her.  Az is not normally a humpy dog - the only dog I've ever known him try to hump was a foster dog who was in season.  Az was neutered when he was 4ish, so there's no chance of pups - but of course Amber got out overnight a couple of days after she arrived here, and we also don't know what contact she had with other dogs before she got here.   There were no physical signs of a season, but, I learn,  sometimes there aren't any physical signs.  And she was jumping around flirting like nobody's business with Brythen (who had no idea what was going on.  This confirms my suspicion that Brythen was neutered when he was a bit too young really). 

So I trogged her off to the vet for a projesterone test, and then 10 days later, another test - both of which showed raised projesterone, suggesting that she is entire and either in season, or pregnant.  Oh joy.   There is no way she can or should have to go through pregnancy and rearing pups given her age/condition/situation, so either she needs a missmate injection (abortion) followed by a spay, followed by leg amputation, or possibly just an immediate spay before the pups develop, with x ray to check for tumour, then a leg operation later, or maybe even spay and leg amputation all together.   Faced with this conundrum, the vet has decided to consult a senior colleague, so  I'm waiting to hear their recommendation tomorrow. 

Presumably because this isn't enough of a tangle, Amber also has a horrible case of the runs, and is on antibiotics for that.  Thank god for the Vax carpet cleaner, that's all I'm saying.    Oh yes, and Amber also has a nasty case of separation anxiety and is going to need an owner who will be around the place most of the time, I think.  And she's decided that she is MY dog and is clinging to me desperately, poor little soul. 

Not that Amber is at all bothered by any of this.  Amber is a happy dog. 

Me and Amber



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6th Feb, 2013 21:49 (UTC)
I love Az in the background of this picture, as the spurned lover who has found something else to be bothered about (ETA: or is practising going down on one knee, having learned that the direct approach is not always best). I'm glad Amber is happy despite her traumas.

Edited at 2013-02-06 21:50 (UTC)
7th Feb, 2013 19:38 (UTC)
He was indeed comprehensively scorned: clearly of the two boys, Brythen is in Amber's eyes, the looker! He is a lot younger of course.
6th Feb, 2013 22:03 (UTC)
Oh, man, that's rough. I'm really amazed you can bear to do all this fostering...it seems really emotionally hard at times.
7th Feb, 2013 19:52 (UTC)
These two will be the last, for a while at least. I have learned a lot from doing it, and it does give me a feeling of achievement, but it does take it out of you. :-/
6th Feb, 2013 23:08 (UTC)
Poor Amber, she's been through such a lot and still has more to face :-( She looks very happy with you in that photo though.
7th Feb, 2013 19:57 (UTC)
She is a happy little person! I think she will probably get over the amputation OK. I'm a bit sad for her having to go to a new home, because she's definitely going to find that hard, but four dogs longterm is Just Not An Option.
7th Feb, 2013 00:53 (UTC)
I just don't know how you cope. She's a lovely looking dog, though, isn't she?
7th Feb, 2013 20:02 (UTC)
This pair are going to be the last, for a while at least. They are both lovely dogs and I'm glad they didn't get put to sleep, but there comes a time to say: enough!
(Deleted comment)
7th Feb, 2013 20:07 (UTC)
I think in the right home she's going to be a great little dog. She just wants someone to love!
7th Feb, 2013 05:11 (UTC)
Oh, that's bad news, because she looks like a lovely (and happy) little dog. I hope it's just a season and not pups, and that the leg doesn't need amputation (though dogs get around well on three legs.)
7th Feb, 2013 20:08 (UTC)
She's not a big dog, so even though it's a back leg, I'm hopeful she will adapt well. I've just realised vet did not phone today so will have to chase them up tomorrow, drattit.
7th Feb, 2013 20:51 (UTC)
I know a twelve year old dog who has just had a back leg amputated who, six weeks later, was tackling trails in Hainault Forest...
7th Feb, 2013 12:46 (UTC)
Gosh you are lovely and I'm so pleased you are on my LJ as I love reading about your hounds. She is gorgeous but what a pickle.
7th Feb, 2013 20:12 (UTC)
It is very much a 'how much more complicated can this possibly get?!' situation! I hope she has no more medical excitements up her sleeve.
7th Feb, 2013 21:01 (UTC)
Poor Amber, and poor you!
7th Feb, 2013 22:51 (UTC)
Oh gosh, poor Amber. Thank heavens she knows none of this. I do hope you find a home for both of them, hard though that sounds.
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