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State of the garden in Feb


It is very squelchy out there, but that doesn't stop the brambles growing, so I have been out pulling them up. I have so far this year totally failed in my resolution to try to do 20 minutes of gardening a day. But today I did an hour and a half, and maybe tomorrow I will manage another 20!  I left the dogs in the house because they are bringing in enough mud from walks: I don't need them collecting it inbetween times. 

There's not much colour yet, but the Japanese quince is dotted with a few dark pink flowers, and one of the mini rhododendrons, the one I chose to match the primroses, is in bloom too.  There are a few primroses out - well there have been primroses popping up since Christmas, although they haven't really got going yet - and the snowdrops are flowering well.  But I think we have really had *enough* rain now for a while, thank you so very much.
Quince  Rhodo
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