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Thryths and Friths

"Ecgfrith sent an army under his general, Berht, to Ireland in 684 where he ravaged the plain of Brega, destroying churches and taking hostages. The raid may have been intended to discourage support for any claim Aldfrith might have to the throne, though other motives are possible.

Ecgfrith's two marriages—the first to the saintly virgin Æthelthryth (Saint Audrey), the second to Eormenburh—produced no children"  (Wikipedia)

1) a general called Bert!  Bert the warrior!  Bert the slayer!  All hail Bert!
(That little h really makes all the difference).

2) 'Other motives are possible'.   I love that.  Stag weekend that got out of hand...?  I Know I Put My Keys Down Here Somewhere?

3) Only in one period does someone called Ecgfrith marry someone called Aethelthryth and we are expected to be able to untangle them.  Maybe Bert's parents chose his name because they were reacting against the whole 'tongue in celtic knots*' problem.    Also, wikipedia thinks Oswy had two sons, one called Aldfrith and one called Alhfrith. If this is true, it just seems like asking for trouble.

*perhaps more appropriately, Northumbrian Renaissance knots, but nobody ever says this.


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25th Jan, 2013 12:38 (UTC)
8. Have you the faintest recollection of

(1) Ethelbreth ?
(2) Athelthral ?
(3) Thruthelthrolth ?

9. What have you the faintest recollection of?
25th Jan, 2013 14:13 (UTC)
It was a time when Real Men and Real Women did not shy at spraying saliva everywhere in greeting. *nods*
25th Jan, 2013 16:07 (UTC)
Aww, Ecgfrith's not so bad once you know how to pronounce "cg."

I am not, however, defending the other names.
25th Jan, 2013 18:00 (UTC)
I have nothing against Ecgfrith in himself! But I do think that when your father has blessed you with a brother Aldfrith and a brother Alhfrith (assuming they are not the same person), deciding to marry an Aethelthryth is just making life difficult. Could he not have married a nice Wulfwyn, or even a Bugge? :-D

(Bugge may be the best girl's name ever!)
26th Jan, 2013 00:35 (UTC)
Well, it was a common practice when you gave your kiddies a dithematic name, to make one element common for all your children.
26th Jan, 2013 08:16 (UTC)
I don't think Oswy was doing that: he had (well, someone says he had) another son by the same wife called Ælfwine, who does not continue the theme.
26th Jan, 2013 09:06 (UTC)
That was a lovely post, and your analysis of motives made me laugh.

Do you know any Celtic tonguetwisters? There must be some mustn't there.
27th Jan, 2013 00:49 (UTC)
I feel like the Plain of Brega is the place to be, historically speaking. I just read about it recently- now I have to remember where.
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