bunn (bunn) wrote,

Two worried dogs have landed.

Amber (front) and Chloe (back) have come to visit as foster dogs.  It was all a bit of a rush. The owner had died and as usual for January, rescues are bulging with Christmas puppies/dogs chucked out to make room for Christmas puppies, so these two were either going to the pound or to be put to sleep.  

Thankfully, they are used to other dogs and cats ( I can't tell you how many calls we get about dogs that have literally not met another dog for years and years, which makes finding foster homes for them incredibly difficult.  )  As Oldies Club doesn't deal with puppies, we managed to squeeze these two in as urgent extras and they came aaaaaallll the way from Yorkshire to Cornwall today before The Snow descends and the country gives up all hope of travel until it melts. 

Amber was a bit nervy and growly to start with.  Chloe, who is her mother, seemed to find the journey quite hard work and seemed quite worn out when she arrived, probably not helped by the fact that she is very fat.   They went and sat woefully in the hall for a bit.  But then they decided that being woeful was too much hard work, and Amber came and sat in Brythen's big bed and Chloe sat next to me (my dogs are both in front of the fire). 
Amber and Chloe
Tags: dogs, foster, oldies club
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