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To the sea! to the sea!

We took the hounds to Tregantle beach on Whitsand bay this morning, tempted onward by sunlight glinting along the edge of the coast under clouds that made me think of Payne's Grey. 

It rained on us quite a bit as we went down the steep path to the beach, and there was a fierce and cutting wind - but once we got there, the sun found a hole in the clouds and came flooding through, reflecting off all the wet dark rocks and making the sea mist glow pale gold. 

We went East along the beach, as the tide was very low and you could walk across stretches of sand that are covered in water much of the time, between tall rocks.  We found quite a fe strawberry anemones, and loads of what I've just found out were  dog whelk eggs, as well as the usual periwinkles, beadlet anemones, stripy top shells and blue mussels.   We also found two decaying shags -  presumably remnants of a storm at sea.  Az had to be persuaded not to eat them, disgusting old dog that he is. 

Brythen played with a number of random beach-visiting dogs, which delighted him, and did a lot of racing madly about, making huge leaps over pools and streams across the sand (he does hate getting his feet wet!) and playing with his toy.  He even managed to retrieve it to hand rather than wandering away and dropping it, which is always a bit of a triumph.  

He and Az had some boinging sessions together, although Az did get off to a bad start by trying to bounce too fast and  corner too sharply and getting his back legs all in a tangle.  His legs are rather wobbly now, and although he can still run quite fast in a straight line, cornering seems to be something of a problem area.   Fortunately, Brythen is beautifully polite and careful with him, and they somehow managed to work out a way to have fun which didn't involve Az having to run too fast or in circles.   I was a little concerned we might have to carry Az back up the cliff, but thankfully he managed to make it all the way to the top on his own four wobbly paws, despite all the beach-bouncing he had done. 


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12th Jan, 2013 22:03 (UTC)
It's great Az and Brythen have become such good friends. You're also lucky Brythen doesn't like getting his feet wet. Three of mine have to wallow in every muddy puddle they pass!
12th Jan, 2013 22:48 (UTC)
It probably makes me Not a Real Dog Person, but two things I love about sighthounds :
1) most of them seem to dislike mud
2) they don't smell like real dogs.

14th Jan, 2013 08:33 (UTC)
I have always found your various dogs reassuringly undoglike. Dogs, along with babies, are baffling and slightly scary things that I have no idea what to do with. My coping mechanism is to tell myself that they're just oddly shaped cats, and to treat them accordingly. Some dogs (and babies) proceed to act in such an alarmingly uncatlike way that I stand there going "Error! Error! I don't know what to do!", but your dogs have generally allowed me to carry on with my delusion.
13th Jan, 2013 00:55 (UTC)
This sounds like a lovely day! I love how you write about your nature/dog outings.
13th Jan, 2013 10:43 (UTC)
Hoorah for Az!
(Deleted comment)
14th Jan, 2013 08:46 (UTC)
And that's why I stick to dogs with long legs!
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