bunn (bunn) wrote,

It's raining, it's pouring, the sighthounds are snoring

This morning, with some difficulty, we pried the dogs out of the house and walked them in the pouring rain.  They were not well pleased, despite their waterproof coats.   The roads are gushing.  Particularly the road past the pub, where a drain has completely given up and has spat out great gobs of tarmac before turning into a large decorative water-feature, creating a stream that charges past a line of sandbags, and is threatening to climb out of the gutter into the pub itself.   The paths are gushing too.  Even right up on top of the hill where you wouldn't think there was room for much water to build up, amazing amounts of water is sweeping the mud from the paths  into great swamps and pools behind every hedge and bush.

A man I came across in a cafe today told me solemnly that in the USA and Australia, all new houses are built on stilts so that they cannot be flooded.  I feel this information may not be 100% accurate.  None the less I nodded, said 'Really?' and agreed that We Should Be Doing That.  I quite like the idea of Houses on Stilts. 

Now I probably need to pry my dogs out of the house again.  I feel a very short damp walk coming on.
Tags: things that make you go hmmm, weather
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