bunn (bunn) wrote,

Az again

I don't know what to do about Az. He had a really good day yesterday, went for walks, played with Brythen, enjoyed his food.

Today he won't eat, not even fried liver or smoked salmon. I can't get his pills into him: he seems depressed. He wet his bed in the night, which he never does. He's drinking, but he has been sick again. He doesn't pant or cough. His resting respiration rate is 12 breaths per minute, which is very low compared to the 19 breaths a minute he was doing in Feb when he started on his frusemide and vetmedin.

If I take him to the vet he is too terrified for them to get any sense out of examining him. He just shakes and pants the whole time and if his heart wasn't so loud, they wouldn't even be able to hear it through the sound of him shaking. He's had blood tests, vet now thinks his stomach issues might be to do with heart failure, but he's not showing the typical heart failure symptoms.

I suppose I just have to wait and see.
Tags: az, dogs, lurcher
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