bunn (bunn) wrote,

Grrrrr Arg.

Az sick this morning, but not badly, and I managed to get him to eat his pills inside a tomato sardine.  Am now waiting for pills to go down so I can try to give him some chicken porridge (as he did seem interested in Brythen's breakfast).     Vet has not yet phoned about Kjetil, grump grump, and call to them just gets message passed on that they will call back soon.  Assume they would contact us if he was getting worse, but still.

Thought: I will make the best of this time and finally write some Christmas cards!  Ok, a bit late, but not TOO late, right...?

Christmas cards that we ended up buying from a lovely neighbour have apparently been put in a Safe Place, but not to worry, I still have some RNLI cards lurking about, and also a big box of red and green card blanks, so all is well. 

But no, apparently both address books have joined the Lovely Neighbour cards in the secret refuge of Safe Place.   I give up!

At least I can still find icon of Henning grumping in a festive hat.
Tags: cat, christmas, lurcher, whinge

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