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Blog as logfile analysis program

I am finding this record rather handy as I analyse logfiles to try to work out what might cause dips in traffic. It is handy to be able to quickly look and remember what the weather was like around a specific entry, and therefore whether people were likely to be indoors searching for holidays, or outdoors having fun.

In that spirit, I hereby note that it is a stunningly blue-skied summer day today, that we have a picnic on Dartmoor planned for this evening, and that my dratted, DRATTED laptop just overheated and closed all my applications because I had foolishly put my notepad too close to the air vent.

4Kgs of small-dog food and 15kg of large-dog lamb and rice food has just arrived. Mollydog has to have large dog food, as she tends to inhale the small biscuits and choke. Az finds large-dog food hard work to chew, and eats it very slowly, with many plaintive looks. So: two bags. I got less small-dog, because I can usually buy that locally if I need to: the large-dog stuff is harder to come by.

Infuriatingly, I put on a nice clean white t-shirt this morning, as I have a meeting at 3pm. Then I forgot I was wearing it and picked up Kjetil, so I am now totally covered in brown fluff. Grrrrr. The meeting is with an Important Client, who I suspect is going to react badly to the news that half the team is off to British Columbia for a couple of months. Wish me luck...

Also, the mutant pumpkin has died. I'm guessing its funny contorted leaves could not cope with the strong sunshine, or perhaps its roots were contorted too, and could not pick up enough moisture. RIP, poor mutant pumpkin!

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